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Re: Registering EVERYTHING with PRO

Post by mrdtman » Sat Jan 27, 2018 11:11 am

andygabrys wrote:No I don't register anything that a library has. Its their job as they have a vested stake in getting paid.

Things that I pitch direct to super, or direct to agency - sure I register those as usually I have a very vested interest in getting 100% of the money.
My business model is to let my music libraries / publishers register EVERYTHING for me. There's really no need at all for you to do it yourself, EXCEPT if you're pitching these directly to shows / supervisors, or maybe doing big artist pitches.

For almost all cues that are signed to libraries, when you register them yourself - though you may be trying to help - you just create an extra layer of hassle, believe it or not. So, unless a library specifically asks you to register your tracks, best to just leave 'em alone!

Great info! I was wondering about this myself & had been registering them with my PRO too. Now I know not to unless for certain circumstances.

Y’all ROCK!


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