Reviewers assumptions

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Reviewers assumptions

Post by franz » Tue Jan 16, 2007 6:07 am

"Hello Franz, this is a skillful flute performance, though the solo presentation wouldn't be appropriate for this listing. The listing specifies 'no solo piano or guitar' so I would conclude that solo flute wouldn't be in line with their request, either. You might consider crafting a version with acoustic piano or maybe a nylon string guitar for accompaniment. That would result in a more marketable product."I think this is self explanatory. I am not sure how "no solo piano or guitar" means no solo flute??? ?? Unfortunately the flute I am playing is not in a scale used in western music and can therefore not used in context with western instruments. The reviewer couldn't hear that fact either. How do these people get picked. Maybe "reading" should be a pre requisit to be a reviewer at Taxi.

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