Sherwood B. Nice medley---demo

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Sherwood B. Nice medley---demo

Post by good4somethingbum » Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:08 pm

hi folks, here's a new demo by Mike Zaneski. I hope you like it. Turn it UP. :) ... al-v13-wav

Sherwood B. Nice ©2019 Don Raye/Charles Berry/Robert George BMI

Well, I drove out to a joint near Hackensack
Drinkin’ Miller Light and crankin’ Back in Black
She was dancin’ at a strip club called the “Body Shop”
And her beauty hit me like a damned karate chop

I felt lucky and I thought I’d roll the dice
Fill my lonely world,
With a midnight girl
Tell her that my name is
Sherwood B.
Sherwood B.
Sherwood B. Nice

Well, that dame was hotter than a solar flare
But my luck was colder than a polar bear
I heard she’d had congress with a lusty senator
Why would she care about a dusty janitor

She won’t want a bum like me at any price
I’m a workin’ man,
With calloused hands
Cuz my chain gang daddy called me
Sherwood B.
Sherwood B.
Sherwood B. Nice

She was movin’ to a song by Hoobastank
It put me under pressure like a scuba tank
I learned long ago that love is hard n cruel
Bein’ poor’s a crime and love don’t pardon fools

When I left she didn’t bother to look twice
I drove home,
All alone
Cursin’ that my name was
Sherwood B.
Sherwood B.
Sherwood B. Nice

Rita ©2019 Elias McDaniel/Robert George BMI

I was just a Miller low life
With no friends and no wife
Blastin’ some old song by Doug Sahm
Cheap cigar stinkin’ like a bug bomb

That single wide was rockin’
I almost didn’t hear her knockin’
Well, she moved just like a cheetah
And she said her name was Rita

I say, hey Rita
Oh, Rita
I say, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Rita
Oh, Rita

I said,
“You’ve been with the DC deep state
Why you want a greasy cheap date”
She said, “I’ve been broke and busted
And betrayed by those I’ve trusted

I’ve been a Hackensack pariah
Chained up in a Black Maria
Love has made us hard as leather
So, you n me should make some love together”

I say, hey, hey Rita
Oh, Rita
I say, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Rita
Oh, Rita

I say, hey, hey, Rita
Oh, Rita
I say, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Rita
Oh, Rita

There’s no music like Memphis’
It’s got mystery and the blues for emphasis…

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