Song placement on TV series in Denmark!

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Re: Song placement on TV series in Denmark!

Post by BuzzReed » Wed Feb 17, 2021 12:13 pm

robbiejhancock wrote:
Thu Feb 04, 2021 1:18 pm
THIS IS THE ONE I have been hoping for, for years! I just got a vocal song placement on a TV series in Denmark on one of their biggest Networks on the TV series "Being 29"! My song "Begin With You" was used for 1:30 in a beautiful engagement scene. Thank you to Annalise Curtin for her beautiful backgound vocal contribution. This is a Taxi friendly library I found out about through another member at the rally. (Twisted Jukebox)

Here is the placement


The song was actually pitched to another brief for another library that already had two of my songs as reference tracks in the brief. I thought it would be a piece of cake getting it signed! Wrong! I pitched it and it was rejected along with another song.
So I then took It with me to the taxi road rally that year and got played in the main ballroom and the music supervisors on the panel wanted a copy. Great right? I would connect with them right and hear from them right? Nope. Crickets. LOL
Finally I decided to sign those two songs with three others to another library (taxi friendly) in the same city and country is the other that rejected them. Low and behold they signed all five and I’ve been getting instrumental placements now for a while and finally getting this placement. I think the teachable story here It’s not give up on your songs even if they get rejected. We all fail but fail fast and move on. One library's rejection is another library’s gold, we just have to find the right homes for our song babies. write on friends!
Robbie - Congratulations on a fabulous placement for a beautiful song. Looking forward to our zoom meeting!

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