TAXI #D150713SS: Song form or Cue?

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TAXI #D150713SS: Song form or Cue?

Post by Paulie » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:38 pm

Song form needed or just a cue with edit points and a button ending? Due tonight, neither is specified.
EMOTIONALLY UPBEAT ACOUSTIC-BASED SINGER/SONGWRITER – STYLE INSTRUMENTALS are needed by an active Music Library with a ton of great placements in both Film and TV. They’re on the hunt for Original, Contemporary Instrumentals in ALL Tempos that could be heard on the same playlist as artists like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, etc., etc., etc. Please listen to these references to get in the stylistic wheelhouse of what they need:

“Hello, You Beautiful Thing” by Jason Mraz:
“Radiate” by Jack Johnson:
“Never Gonna Let You Down” by Colbie Caillat:

Although the references have vocals, they’re ONLY looking for Instrumentals for this pitch. Please give them well-crafted Instrumentals that have an emotionally upbeat, lighthearted, “feel-good” vibe. Your submission(s) should be acoustic guitar-based, and can have additional elements like light drums, bass, some keyboards, light percussion, etc. Above all, your Instrumentals should convey that feeling you have when you wake up and say “It’s gonna be a great day!” If you DO have one of those mornings, don’t turn on the TV and watch the news ;-) You’d be wise to use natural, real instruments for your Tracks. If you are using sample libraries, be sure that your Instrumentals don’t sound too stiff or synthetic. If you can fool them with your computer, go for it, but you’ll need to be really adept at using your samples! Your tracks should be at least 2 minutes in length and include easy edit points. Non-faded endings are encouraged.

Broadcast Quality is needed for this pitch (great sounding home recordings are fine). They offer an EXCLUSIVE deal. You’ll split any applicable sync fees 50/50. The Publisher will get 100% of the Publisher’s share, and you’ll get 100% of the Writer’s share. You must own or control of your Master and Copyright. Since this is an EXCLUSIVE deal, please be sure the material you pitch for this opportunity is NOT already signed with any other Libraries or Catalogs. Do not copy or rip off the referenced artists or songs in any way, shape, or form. Use them only as a general guide for tempo, texture, and tone. Please submit one to three Instrumentals online or per CD. All submissions will be screened on a yes/no basis – no full critiques. Submissions must be received no later than Monday, July 13th, 2015 at 11:59 PM (PDT). TAXI #D150713SS
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