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Re: Tell Us What Works Best for You!

Post by akira » Thu Apr 02, 2020 8:44 pm

I'm a newby at audio engineering but I'm catching up. Here is my current setup:

DAW: Reaper by Cockos. (My band-mate wants me to switch to Cakewalk by BandLab) Reaper can use their tracks for audio, midi and video. I just learned that they have an effect called NINJAM that can be used to have a virtual jam session online.
Mixer: Behringer XR18. (I'm borrowing it for now but I like it enough to buy my own. It is the size of a small toolbox but can connect to WIFI to control mixes while in the audience.) I have been told to stay away from Behringer from some old-time pros but they might have up'd their game.
Keyboard: Yamaha MOXF. (It is lightweight but packed full of instruments and MIDI sequencing capabilities.) I think it is great for "live" performances but it is very complex to program since they packed everything into a lightweight small package.

I'm using average headphones instead of monitors since I'm making music at home. I'll search the forum to see which monitors are recommended by other members.
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Re: Tell Us What Works Best for You!

Post by Robertj64 » Tue Jun 02, 2020 12:23 pm

Good day all!

Great to be here. I am a newbie so I will post some info about my studio setup. I have always been a Cubase guy and I worked many years with Cubase SE ( I think that is close to Cubase 4 overall). I decided to do research with what is out there but in the end I felt going with what I already elementally understand in a DAW. I got Cubase 10.5 Pro and came up with Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as the sound card/interface. My research told me it worked well with the DAW. I also got Wavelab 9 for the mastering although I could have done the mastering in Cubase. For the virtual software, Steinberg Cubase was more generous than I had thought. They offer Halion SE, Mystic, Prologue, Retrologue among others with the package. I have gone over it and have found lots of great sounds. For the main virtual software, I decided to go with Kontakt Kontrol 12 pro by Native Instruments. It simply offered a lot of quality strings, brass, kits. More than I can use. I have a Rode NYK mic which has served me very well.

There is a temptation to allow the software to dominate the ideas and so far, I have resisted that. I believe the songwriting idea is the core. It is kind of like a cookbook where the song is asking for the ingredients. "What does this song call for.... trumpet, strings, techno keyboards etc? It is wonderful when the software with great sounds can serve to enhance the overall sound and not the other way around. I'm still learning with this software and it is a very exciting time to be producing. Hope you all are as equally excited and get the most out of your technology!

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