Trying to find Cellist!

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Trying to find Cellist!

Post by GregVaughan » Sat Nov 03, 2018 11:25 pm

Hi. I’m trying to connect with the cellist that was at the feedback panel this afternoon. She had a solo cello song played. I didn’t catch her name. If anyone was there and knows who she is, can you ask her to contact me through here? I’d love to meet up and talk about ideas!

Thanks everyone! Greg

PS. I’m in a foot cast and green recline chair if you see me, stop me Love to meet others too!

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Re: Trying to find Cellist!

Post by Carey » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:21 am

HI Greg! It's me - Carey Domb. Michael Mcgraw told me you had posted about my cello cue. I play as well as my husband, Daniel Domb (, who is now playing on most of my cues. Between the two of us, we can usually come up with some good things! Thanks so much for asking and I'd like to see if we could work together.

My email is Here are some links to my music. The track you heard came from Solitary Cello:

Hear Palace Quartet, a playlist on #SoundCloud. ... et/s-jAE8G

Hear Winter, a playlist on #SoundCloud.
Cello, piano

Hear Magic Spells Cello, a playlist on #SoundCloud. ... lo/s-LDRV3

Hear Earth Cello, a playlist on #SoundCloud. ... lo/s-KoqL8

Hear Solitary Cello, a playlist on #SoundCloud.

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