Using NRG for neighboring royalty collection?

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Using NRG for neighboring royalty collection?

Post by JohnnyP » Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:02 pm

I posted this on the General Hangout forum but maybe this is the place to ask this question.

One of the libraries I have music with sent out an email letting me know that a company named NRG can collect neighboring rights royalties for me. They take a 15% cut on anything they collect.
Basically the way I understand it, in certain countries (not all) when a song is placed and you are one of the instrumentalists or vocalists on the song you can receive royalties above and beyond your BMI/ASCAP composer royalties.
My question to you is who here use NRG and are you happy with them? They ask for SS and a scan of your passport so that makes me a bit nervous :? Thanks for the help.

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