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[Jazz|Acoustic|R&B] Vocalist & Writer wants to work on Anything!

Post by TomWanless » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:04 pm

Hi everybody! Some people here might know me from the Taxi TV live chat :)

I'm Tom and I have been a Taxi member for just over a year now.

I recently did my first Taxi collaboration (The recent Hawaiian listing) and genuinely loved the process. I learned a fair amount during the process and I'd really like to continue along this path.

I write, sing and produce a fairly random variety of music.
Generally I've been doing more instrumental writing to improve my production but I have begun returning to the lyrical and top line style of writing.

Here's an example of my Jazz singing:

Here's an example of a R&B song I wrote, sung and produced:
https://soundcloud.com/xxx/tom-wanless- ... lexander-1

My signature contains all my links, which shows that I'm open to working on literally anything.

I'd love to make some more friends on this website and write some great music. :D
If this might interest you, feel free to send me a private message, email or reply and I'll get back to you very soon!

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