What Keyboard_?

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What Keyboard_?

Post by brindabella » Sat Nov 18, 2006 5:38 am

Hi guys! I'm a newbie at this board and I'm so confused now I hope you can help me. I'm mainly a pianist composing instrumentals. Have won a few small awards for them at Song of the year Contest and had one of my songs forwarded ( no answer yet) at a music library. Song of the Year judges the quality of the writing, not the sound. When I had been rejected by Taxi, my screeners have told me its because of the sound,and they were right. One even told me to just leave only the piano and delete the strings.All I have done was done on a Yamaha DGX 505 keyboard and the puter ( very cheesy, I know). I'm trying to improve my sounds and want to buy a synth. I`m mainly interested in been able to get a decent orchestral sound.What synth. do you guys think I should buy? I won`t record live or use a band, mainly I would use a keyboard. You can hear the kind of music I do at www.broadjam.com/laurasanzThanks!
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