I need better sound

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Re: I need better sound

Post by mojobone » Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:44 am

I have a few Drum Masters and Oceanway kits for Kontakt and I pretty much always end up using Addictive Drums for everything, except when I need a super dry Don Henley sort of sound. (I think that's Kit 7) I found AD on sale for $149, but haven't seen that price anywhere for quite a while.
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Re: I need better sound

Post by rnrmachine » Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:22 pm

Hey Len,

Good conversation dude. I just want to clarify this... I am talking about the ability/versatility to make a drum setup suit your song. The choices they made are probably wonderfully smart choices, but I am willing to bet if they were mixing them into your songs, in the final mix, they would change a number of things, even on the best matching preset. The real question is, does someone need all those mic options? Hell no!! imho

Buying Silver, getting 9 drumkits with 100% control over every mic including those 3 different ambiances is something to think about over getting the premixed 15 kits with the packs you linked. Both are legit arguments though, imho. 15 kits for $79 is nothing to sneeze at and they DO have some ability to adjust for specifics, like you said. So I don't want you thinking I am belittling the stuff you linked to. I certainly think your opinion matters... I just found the DL version to be slightly lacking in playability realism AND the lack of teak-ability made me decide, no thanks on them. I also feel the NEED to add in, when I did test the DL version, I tested it against the Anti-machine gun effect on SSD and the Humanizing effect on SD2 with Quantized drum samples. That is how I decided I didn't like the "realism" aspect of the OWD DL version. So it was a VERY strict test. I am sure if I used MIDI samples that were played by a real drummer the situation wouldn't have been as easy to decide. SD2 is the best imho... at realism with quantized MIDI drums.


BTW, AD is the big one I was forgetting haha.. thnx Mojo!! I have yet to use them either.
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