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Re: American Idol songs

Post by prez » Fri Feb 23, 2007 1:54 am

Quote:When I watched AI tonight (sorry Von, I just like watching it), Ryan announced there was another contest. I grabbed paper and pen thinking he was going to talk about the songwriting contest. But no, just another Verizon promotion. NomiLOL. I thought the same thing. Ragbabbit!I'm going to take a look at that contract and give some feedback later.Blessings.
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Re: American Idol songs

Post by nomiyah » Sat Mar 24, 2007 7:34 pm

Looks like the songwriting competition for AI is not happening."According to Hollywood Today and TV Week Magazine the contest has been shelved, for this season at least."

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Re: American Idol songs

Post by dasvon » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:38 am

I guess we've all seen which way this went once the competition was over. The winners had a great song mind you, but it was humourous to see which 20 songs got picked.Though AI said anyone from the housewife sitting in her kitchen with a cassette recorder to any studio band, could enter, it just so happened that 20 nicely performed studio sounding productions each with at least 3 instruments, and most with harmonies and full production, made the cut. Almost seems as if out of 25,000 entries, some talented novice production would have made it through, in normal controled circumstances.nevertheless, what threw me though, was that while about 15 songs were geared towards the theme of AI: I've made it, We'll make it, Love will find a way, whatever. A few just didnt make sense at all. A great entry, sounding a bit like the Counting Crows, talking about hitting the highway heading down to Tennessee. How the heck did THAT get picked for a finallist in a AI ballad competition?Again, to choose anything not produced decently, would just be suicide as the general public would vote and few would vote based on music and lyrics only. Most would vote on which one "sounds" great too. So I understand the reasons, it was ultimately humourous to hear some of the chosen top 20. I sent one in and fortunately, it seemed it was at the same caibre as those chosen. So Im happy knowing my writing was in the right vein.I'd hope this continues next year with AI or in other venues though as I thought it was a great opportunity opened up to get new songs heard.Das

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