True Crime Hip Hop/Trap 416

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Re: True Crime Hip Hop/Trap 416

Post by jeremysAudio » Mon Jun 22, 2020 4:42 pm

I wouldn’t get too discouraged, these are great! I was lucky enough to get some forwards on this listing but haven’t heard back from the Library or anything, so it looks like I’ve got some growing to do as well.

The way I think of it is that the references are for style, not structure. They are repetitive because they have to be in order for the listener to be able to focus on the vocal.

To figure out structure just check out the forwards here on the Taxi website or visit a production library and listen to tracks that are already signed.

I basically switch things up every 4 bars. I try to imagine the track under dialogue and make the changeups obvious enough that I would be able to detect them even when mixed in with other audio.

Some techniques I use for guidance are

- building everything around a chord progression that I can change up in the “bridge” if I want.
- dropping the kick
- dropping the 808
- killing the hat
- changing the kick pattern
- using the plugin Halftime to create a totally different melody that’s closely related to the main melody
- creating a buildup with a riser and a snare for a big stinger ending
- creating a “super full” section that I know will go at the end and then taking parts away to build the other sections.
- adding some edit points where everything drops out for a second.

All of these techniques are little variations that you can mix and match. In combination they can have a huge effect but still make the track feel cohesive.

I’d say it took me about 30 - 40 tracks to iron out the kinks and of course I’m still trying to improve every day. I guess I just wanted to encourage you to not be confused. We’re headed down the right path we just have to keep walking.

Check out some libraries, map out some sections and you’ll find that extra 5% you need to push your tracks over the top. Repetition seems to be linked with our unconscious minds because I didn’t really think my way over the hurdles I’ve cleared, I just kept showing up and it happened. You’ve got tons of talent, go ahead and be floored! The screener wants to forward you! Hell yea :)

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