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Post by sermusicusa » Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:23 am

Not directed at you at all mate. Seriously, not at all.
I was just making some observations on what the screener said that's all. Sometimes I think some of the screeners aren't 100% on the genre they are listening too. I didnt say my Future Bass was perfect either, I said a producer friend said some of the tracks were, he said don't touch them their perfect... This genre was something Ive been messing with for the past couple years or so, its not my main style, but i enjoy writing it because it allows you to be creative in so many ways.

You had 100 tracks signed? To who? Thats very impressive. 100 tracks. That really is a lot. How long did it take you to make those? 3-4 min long tracks??

Sorry if you thought I was attacking you, that was not my intention. I would have quoted you if it was. :)

Hi sermusicusa,

Well I can't help but feel that this is quite obviously directed at me as I'm the only one who mentioned the 80's. You are absolutely right, many synths that were used in the 80's are still used today in Future Bass (and I never said it was because of the SAW, in fact if you look at the end of my review I actually said that was something this track could have used more of). There are many Future Bass tracks that use elements from the 80’s however they sound like modern productions with retro elements, as opposed to sounding like they are from the 80’s IMHO.

I have no intention of getting into an argument with you, I absolutely respect your opinion and am sorry that my review got under your skin and got you so irritated. However, I just want to point out that I did in fact list my background with Future Bass and pointed out that I don't claim to be an expert -- "That being said - very cool track!! I'm not an *expert* at Future Bass, however it has been my main focus for the last year, and I've had a good amount of success with it. I've signed close to 100 or so Future Bass tracks and have had a couple dozen placements with them. None of that to boast - simply to give my feedback some credibility - feel free to check out my music via the links in my signature if you'd like."

Also before telling me how stupid I am, and how much of an idiot you think I am, you pointed out that you didn't even listen to the track I was reviewing.. Also, these reviews are trying to help a track that was already returned - you eluded to the fact that these comments would cause the return. I also don't recall the OP saying the "critiques are not very good". In fact the OP seemed pretty happy with and grateful for the reviews.

Again I have NO intention of arguing with you. Your comment just feels rather heated and out of left field, it doesn't quite make sense. I'm sorry that I upset you, truly. I was only trying to provide some helpful feedback in a genre/style that I've had some moderate success in. You're absolutely right though, this was all my opinion, nothing I said was intended to be matter-of-fact, and I feel like I made that pretty clear. I'm still learning just like everyone else :)

Would you be willing to post links to some of your music? You seem to be quite experienced, I would love to check out your music! It sounds like there is a lot I could learn from your music considering your Future Bass is “perfect”.

Again sorry for upsetting you so much, not at all what I thought would come from giving this feedback.

All the best, and happy music making.


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